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Casino Video games are some of the most enticing competitive interactive games to play in their free time. Every day, thousands of people of all ages and from all countries spend hours in a row playing their favorite video games. But in all seriousness, what has made a video game a popular product of entertainment from the very beginning of its introduction?

The epitome of malaysia slots game characteristics

Let’s look more closely at what could shape the concept of a game malaysia developer’s idea into a worldwide video game. As described above, the value of a video game and its selling potentials are dictated by certain factors once the game is released. Whatever games you play in particular, all existing video games, including online games of all kinds are available in download format such as android apk and iphone ios.

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The results of every mobile slot game are a story plot that is a part of the idea of the 918kiss agent. The creation of this kiss918 game storyboard is essential in order for gamers to feel part of this story. It is important to establish a kind of link between the player and the game by using characters, locations, and events that can elicit emotions in the players. This combination of android and ios download file helps gamers to play the 918kiss game smoothly.

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Aesthetic Visual Design 

It’s true –half of the games are done with the eyes. Therefore, the graphics are the second key to success for a video game. Instead of just telling the gamers to go through the storyboard of the games, each of the colours has to be vibrant, the shapes need to be dimensional and show specific goals to accomplish the levels An appealing design makes gaming enjoyable.

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Instinctive Game Option

It might sound basic, but designing a game with the option to include simplicity is what game developers often miss out on. It is crucial that gamers feel comfortable with the functions and controls of the game. Therefore, the game has to be intuitive and simple. This does not mean that an intuitive game is also an easy-to-master game–if it were, nobody would go on playing after a short time! Instead, it is important for intuitive game controls to be designed to make the game difficult to master because the gamers want to experience the thrill of challenging games.

Goals of the Games to Meet

As we have just said, players need to find a cause to continue playing that particular game. That is the main goal to achieve a successful game. Long-term goals, in particular, make players feel that they have to play this game consistently over time. Continuous challenges and long-term tasks keep players from losing interest in the gameplay after a couple of days. After every achievement of the game, players receive a reward or advantage to win more points or to finish a game mission faster.


A musical background such as the League of Legends soundtrack is important for many gamers to feel the mood (or even relaxation, depending on the type of game) the atmosphere and emotion of the game in the game. Music must reflect what happens in the game, so players have a totally immersive time gaming.


Typically, some gamers play a game over and over several times and they like it. It’s like all the emotions that the game could invoke again. This is a particular experience that strengthens the confidence of the players and makes the game a true part of their world.

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How to Get Your Gaming App to Reach Optimum Download

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The mobile gaming industry is booming every year, and viral games such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, Flappy Bird etc are the biggest credit for this. For starters, Flappy Bird contributed a colossal $50,000 a day to revenues! Close to three-fourths of King’s sales were accountable to Candy Crush last year. In the last four years, Angry Birds has been squeezed 2 billion times in download! The number of tile shifting, open-source game 2048 was played by a whopping number of 2 million people in a span of two months. According to the analysts Strategy Analytics, the mobile games sector will account for 28% of all video games industry revenues.

While viral games and applications function very differently than viral content, in recent years we have looked at the most viral game and tried to find out what makes it so popular. ⠀ 

Can a 5-year-old play?

Mobile devices have a small screen and so games that need several keystrokes don’t run well on it. This is one of the reasons why these games are so commonly played since most can be controlled by a single finger or keystroke. You either move horizontally or vertically. Remember Ninja Fruit? Only a finger swipe across the screen was taken to cut the fruit. Or Angry Birds where the catapult is just needed to launch the birds into the air. 

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Almost missed it!

The ‘almost missed it’ factor is the most important factor in online, video or mobile games. Let’s say you play Angry Birds and even if you miss the pigs, you find the perfect curve construct the maximum damage. As for Temple Run, you already know the path to where the demon will carry you. It was because you just missed it and now you already know the route and challenges so you want a second shot at success. This forces you to play over and over and thus driving the dedication. This forces you to play.

A high number of levels

Another feature of these games is the very high and constant levels that enable people to continue to play and challenge other gamers in the long term. Temple Run is a good example in this way as people continue to work to score more points. Angry Birds has more than 500 levels, which makes the completion almost impossible. When it comes to 2048, gamers continue to play it to achieve higher results, even if they had already reached the target.             

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Social proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon used to influence people in the marketing industry. The social proof principle controls all viral goods, including games You would also like to learn what is so unique about a game when you see someone playing 2048 and checking their scores. And before you even know it, you get hooked on the game. 

Simple Scoring Mechanisms

Most games have a very simple system for scoring, which encourages the player to focus and follow a single target. Temple Run counts the number of coins you pick up and the number of obstacles you cross and with every slice, you move one step closer towards the Ninja-hood Fruit. Scoring in Flappy Bird is done by the number of challenges you cross. Remember that none of these factors functions isolatedly to make a game viral, and for a game to succeed it is always a mixture of several factors of different proportions.

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